Caravan Entertaining

Caravanning is the perfect way of entertaining. You don’t have to clean the house to the point of gleaming, you don’t have to sweat over the outcome of a new recipe that probably won’t look anything like it did in the picture. There is no setting of tables and searching for a wineglass that was broken last time and that you forgot to replace. You don’t have to fuss over what to wear or getting your hair right. You just be yourself, sit back in a comfy chair and enjoy the company of friends over a wine or two and good, simple food. Nature will take care of the ambience and the background music.

Thanks to Glenys Gelzinis, Caravan Correspondent for the inspiration.

A succulent lamb roast cooked on the Weber
and a view like this beside us. Throw in a bunch of good mates and season with a few laughs. Burra Creek, Burra, SA

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