Follow the Sun – Merton to Home

Day 65, 16/9/2019 Monday, Merton to Home, rain 7- Oops, I forgot to look

It rained most of the night. We wake to puddles all around us. It’ll be nice to get home to our other life, but we lie in bed listening to the rain and wonder which one is our normal life. The usually brown hills are a bright emerald green. We fuel up with coffee in Yea and thread our way home through the lush Yarra Valley and that folks, is the end of our winter sojourn.

 Summary 168kms and now to unpack and succumb to a fair dose of traveller’s morosity

Merton Racecourse through a wet window

10 thoughts on “Follow the Sun – Merton to Home

  1. Your snippets and individual pieces are interesting and informative, but I really think this complete trip set of entries has been a real hit, and demonstrates to the uninitiated what the travelling life is like. More to come, I hope?


  2. You must sometimes forget where home actually is! Shame about the rain for the last part but I bet it’s quite nice to get home after so long away.


    1. I do forget where kitchen utensils are kept when we first get home. I’ve been guilty of getting excited all over again at the sight of a new Aldi dishwasher that we had bought just before leaving home and forgotten about. The rain, well this country is so parched at present that every drop counts.

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