Meeting Crocodile Dundee

Winter 2018, Rollingstone, Qld Crocodile Dundee? Well the other day I met our friend ‘S’ struggling up the beach after having walked from Balgal Beach. What’s so special about that you may ask it’s only a kilometre or so. Nobody, but nobody walks to Balgal Beach because there is a crocodile infested creek between it and Rollingstone. Although we can see Balgal Beach fish cafe we have to drive 14kms to get there. I guess we forgot to tell Sue about the crocs. Continue reading Meeting Crocodile Dundee

Fish and Chips Anyone?

Camped at Rollingstone, Qld we can clearly see the Balgal Beach fish cafe from our caravan window and it’s only a few hundred metres away, how good is that? We can see its lights blinking temptingly as we close our blinds at night. But it’s not good at all because it’s a fourteen kilometre drive to get there. Huh, 14kms? Well, thanks to the crocodile who just happens to live in the creek… between us and the cafe. Continue reading Fish and Chips Anyone?