Meeting Crocodile Dundee

Winter 2018, Rollingstone, Qld

Crocodile Dundee? Well the other day I met our friend ‘S’ struggling up the beach after having walked from Balgal Beach. What’s so special about that you may ask it’s only a kilometre or so. Nobody, but nobody walks to Balgal Beach because there is a crocodile infested creek between it and Rollingstone. Although we can see Balgal Beach fish cafe we have to drive 14kms to get there. I guess we forgot to tell Sue about the crocs.

Balgal Beach Cafe in the distance and a croc somewhere

5 thoughts on “Meeting Crocodile Dundee

  1. Great pic! Rollingstone Creek, famous for its crocs, is the one we swam in in my post, “Crocodile Watch”. My brother- and sister-in-law used to live in Balgal, and we often bought fish and chips from the cafe you mention. A low-profile, quiet beach spot with lots of bird life. I enjoyed your post about it. We read too little about these hidden treasures of Qld.


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