The Big Lap

Australians and New Zealanders it seems, have an inbuilt wish to do at least one ‘Big Lap’ of Oz. It’s almost as if one can’t meet one’s maker without having first done the ‘Big Lap’. Not that long ago we found ourselves only a day away from home and enjoying lunch in the Gift Hotel in Stawell, Vic. It’s located right opposite the sports ground that hosts the famous Stawell Gift foot race. I was on crutches due to a recent stumble (a different kind of trip but more on that in another post) and we were enjoying an excellent … Continue reading The Big Lap

Coopernook, NSW

We turn off Highway One to visit the Coopernook Pub, it offers free camping in the back yard for the price of a beer. The pub overlooks the Lansdowne River and the remains of a large iron bridge. We have a beer but decide to move on to check out the Coopernook Forest Campground. Brian who has a fear of dirt roads is just about hyperventilating as we drive the 3kms to the park. Suddenly the trees part and there before us is a wide, open mowed grassy area with shade trees and enough space for about thirty camps. There … Continue reading Coopernook, NSW

Wrinkles and Wristbands

One of the things that is foremost in the minds of retirees has to be healthcare. “Am I risking my health to go to unknown places? Do they have decent hospitals out there?” Don’t rule out travel because of these concerns and when you do go on the road never put off health issues until you get home either. Always play it safe and seek advice. The healthcare facilities throughout Australia are excellent and you will hear many an uplifting story from other travellers who have found themselves in need of assistance in the unlikeliest of places. This morning we were … Continue reading Wrinkles and Wristbands