Coopernook, NSW

We turn off Highway One to visit the Coopernook Pub, it offers free camping in the back yard for the price of a beer. The pub overlooks the Lansdowne River and the remains of a large iron bridge. We have a beer but decide to move on to check out the Coopernook Forest Campground. Brian who has a fear of dirt roads is just about hyperventilating as we drive the 3kms to the park. Suddenly the trees part and there before us is a wide, open mowed grassy area with shade trees and enough space for about thirty camps. There is even a lemon tree covered in fruit. There are about a dozen campers of all shapes and sizes. This is the first clean air spot (away from the cities) that we’ve had on this trip and it smells so good.

We have a whole afternoon to enjoy the peace of the bush, sunlight filtering through the tall gums and smoke hanging in the air from the many campfires. Above us is a pair of kookaburras who own the park and watch our every movement. The only downside is the old codger in fluoro nearby who keeps turning on his generator so that he can watch afternoon television.

We cook a casserole on the slide out BBQ. A full moon rises over the tree tops and it is a perfectly calm evening, almost warm. Aah.

Coopernook Forest

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