The Cornish Miners

It is said that the old Cornish miners of Broken Hill used to sleep sitting up, because their lungs were too damaged by lead and dust to allow them to sleep horizontally. They had traipsed up from South Australia, with their worldly goods in their wheelbarrows, after the copper ran out at Burra in the early 1880’s. Can you imagine how it must have felt pushing a wheelbarrow 350kms across semi arid land? Continue reading The Cornish Miners

World War One Skirmish at Home

White Rocks Reserve in Broken Hill, NSW is the site of the only bloodshed on Australian soil in World War One. This happened when two ‘Turks’ (actually Pakistanis, but Turkish sympathisers), one an ice cream vendor the other a butcher, attacked the Silverton train as it passed, the train was full of miners heading to Silverton for a picnic. Four locals and the ‘Turks’ were killed in the resulting skirmish. A replica ice cream cart is on display at White Rocks Reserve. Continue reading World War One Skirmish at Home

The Living Desert Sculpture Park

We slip out of Broken Hill to the Living Desert Park, which is 12kms away, to see the sculpture park at sunset. The sculptures are made from Wilcannia sandstone and almost glow in the light of the setting sun. The views of both the desert and back towards Broken Hill are sublime and it is wonderful to see the changing colours of the desert as the sun sets across the landscape. People have brought wine and there is a hush. They are sitting on rocky outcrops quietly toasting the end of the day and the sheer majesty of it all. Continue reading The Living Desert Sculpture Park

Palace Hotel, Broken Hill

The Palace Hotel in Broken Hill, NSW has a unique decor. Every inch of wall space is devoted to murals and the furnishings are from the 1950’s. In the Side Bar there’s a huge collection of aluminium soda syphons lining the window ledges and a great array of mismatched furniture from the same era.  The foyer has three storeys of murals running up the walls across the ceilings and under the stairs. Even the hallways have murals. On top of that, it is a really nice pub to have a drink in. Oh and it starred in the making of … Continue reading Palace Hotel, Broken Hill

Broken Hill ‘Tinnies’

At first glance the houses, or ‘tinnies’ as they are known, of Broken Hill, NSW appear to be small, tired, unkempt corrugated iron shacks. But on closer inspection no two are the same, most are very neat, although few have gardens as we coastal dwellers know them. There is a lack of water in this town, so those who want a garden, have invested in succulents and oleanders. There must be a termite problem because the power poles are concrete and iron like those in Adelaide. This would explain the use of corrugated iron for the houses. Some houses have … Continue reading Broken Hill ‘Tinnies’