Red Dirt, Day 8 – Broken Hill Cup Day

Saturday October 27th 2012, Broken Hill

We’re up bright and early to get a washing machine in the camp laundry, we have everything washed and dried by 10:00am. We are constantly amazed at the camper’s attire when they visit the showers, they wander around in old dressing gowns, looking totally dishevelled, yet calling out a cheery ‘morning’ to all they pass. We go across town to the Pro Hart Gallery, there is a fabulous collection of his art work and it resounds with both humour and pathos. Pro’s studio has been preserved, behind glass, just as he left it, it brings a tear to the eye.

Even his car wasn’t safe from this miner turned artist

We buy some Pro Hart souvenirs and continue on to the White Rocks Reserve which is the site of the only bloodshed on Australian soil during World War One. This happened when two ‘Turks’ (actually Pakistanis, but Turkish sympathisers), one an ice cream vendor the other a butcher, attacked the Silverton train as it passed, the train was full of miners heading to Silverton for a picnic. Four locals and the ‘Turks’ were killed in the resulting skirmish. A replica ice cream cart is on display at White Rocks.

In town, we get our gas bottle filled and pick up more supplies from the supermarket. Lunch is a leisurely read of the Saturday papers and a salad of pasta and tuna. The town is all closed up for the races this afternoon, our neighbours N & D have gone off to The Cup on the free bus, to win their fortune.

It’s a beautiful evening so I wander around the still quiet city to get a few last photos.

2021 Note: It was a surprise to see campers wandering about in old dressing gowns. After 9 years we’re starting to get used to it but we still shy away from folks who want to tell us their life history whilst sitting on the toilet in the morning.

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