Iron Lacework of Broken Hill and Maryborough

Whether it be through luck or good judgment some towns have saved some beautiful examples of iron lacework. These examples are from two very different towns. Firstly the raw mining town of Broken Hill in NSW with its juxtaposition of mining and art. And the more genteel city of Maryborough in Qld. A town steeped in colonial history Maryborough has some exquisite examples of Queenslander style homes and is itself the home of Pamela Travers the author of Mary Poppins.

Imperial Hotel, Broken Hill
A charming bandstand in Queens Park, Maryborough, Qld

3 thoughts on “Iron Lacework of Broken Hill and Maryborough

  1. It does look lovely – but saying that, we couldn’t wait to take it all off the verandahs on our last little beach cottage. Mind you, the cottage was only built in 2002 so shouldn’t have had it on anyway.


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