Burra Passport Tour – Smelter’s Home Hotel

Guidebook in hand and still engrossed in the history of Burra we stop outside Smelter’s Home Hotel which for a time was operated by Woody’s ancestors in the nineteenth century. A tradesman pops out and suggests that we should meet the owner. Val is a charming lady who knows the history of the pub and of all its publicans. It is Australia’s oldest unrenovated hotel. In the early days when there was a death in the district the pub was used as a mortuary, which has to be better than using the butcher shop. Back when the miner’s dugouts in … Continue reading Burra Passport Tour – Smelter’s Home Hotel

The pub?

In historic Burra, SA our caravans back onto the Burra creek in the little caravan park. Ducks wander the park and swim noisily about in the creek below. A small bridge leads to the heart of this charming heritage town with its vine clad verandas and flagstone footpaths.  Perhaps we’re biased as Woody’s ancestors settled here back in the 1850’s but we can almost sense their presence, it is a town that is easy to be captivated by. The Caravan Park manager is a bit of a character and he tells us where to park our vans and asks us … Continue reading The pub?

Burra Gorge

Just off South Australia’s Goyder Highway (B64) between historic Morgan on the Murray River and the heritage town of Burra is a road called the World’s End Highway (now there’s a name for you). From the highway it is a short drive through sheep paddocks to the summer dry stony creek that has carved a small gorge. There are large gnarly gums and you’ll find plenty of room to camp. On a warm early autumn evening we sat outside and celebrated our mate’s birthday, perhaps we celebrated a little too hard, but after all we were under a magic carpet … Continue reading Burra Gorge