Burra Passport Tour – The Gaols

Continuing our informative Passport Touring of Burra I’m intrigued by the stonework of the Redruth lockup. We find its replacement, the more austere Redruth gaol to be quite unnerving. You know that feeling when the hairs go up on the back of your neck and you just know that history has not been kind here. The gaol later became a reformatory for wayward girls, though one would imagine that they would have left this place in a worse condition than when they entered.

Redruth goal was used more recently as the film set for the Boer War movie Breaker Morant.

Redruth Lockup positively uplifting compared to the gaol
Redruth Gaol, Burra
Redruth Gaol, Burra
Cutting edge walls of the Redruth Gaol

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