Burra Passport Tour – Copper Mine

Burra is a Hindu name meaning Great and the creek was originally known as Burra Burra Creek. When copper was discovered ‘company’ housing was built for miners and additional land was opened for purchase thus The Burra as it was once known is made up of a cluster of small and quite different villages, Kooringa, Redruth, Hampton, Aberdeen, Llwchwr (don’t ask me to pronounce that one) and Graham.

Having a day free to explore Burra we take the town ‘Passport Tour’ and visit the copper mine with its many tall chimneys and now green, water filled open cut. There is a powder magazine and a well restored engine house as well as good views across the town. As we stand on the 3rd floor deck of the engine house a small wallaby watches us from the diggings below.

The Passport Tour is an easy way to visit the sights of Burra that interest you. Each historic site is padlocked and your key opens all of the locked gates and doors of the buildings that are dotted around town.

Mine equipment, Burra
Mine chimney, Burra
Restored engine house, Burra
Burra mine remains
Wallaby, Burra Copper Mine
Powder Magazine, note key symbol on the gate denoting access to Passport Tour key holders
Burra Copper Mine. In later years it was converted to an open cut and has now filled with water

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