2019 Victorian Bushfires

Bushfires strike fear into the hearts of most Australians. Caravanners are constantly on the alert for signs of smoke, the smell, a certain golden glow that cannot be described, even the shadows that take on an eerie quality. This week while on a Caravan Club muster we found ourselves once more on alert. We can be thankful, but to those caught in nature’s path the losses to homes, livestock and livelihoods have been utterly devastating. Our hearts go out to them. March 2nd 2019, Toora, Vic To the south of us Wilson’s Promontory National Park is on fire. Back in … Continue reading 2019 Victorian Bushfires


Never before had I considered proximity to an airport and a hospital to be important when caravanning. In February 2014 we were enjoying a caravan club weekend muster at the Park Lane Top Tourist caravan park in Traralgon, Vic. On the Friday a fire started in Yallourn North and we were entertained by the fire fighting helicopters and fixed wing aircraft buzzing overhead. On the Saturday we were hunkering down to a serious heat wave and by mid morning on Sunday the heat was extreme and a strong wind was rocking the caravans. There were fires at nearby Bruthen and … Continue reading Bushfires