Tangambalanga, Vic

Here’s one for the readers who are fascinated by Aussie place names. When I took this photo just prior to Christmas, Tangambalanga, Vic was bathed in light smoke from the Sydney bushfires. I was going to use the photo for an entirely different story based around some folks we met last year. Now this pretty dairying centre on the Kiewa River close to Tallangatta has its own fire concerns with fronts on both the south and the east of town.

For overseas readers who wish to get an understanding of the extent of these bushfires, the maps on these Victorian and New South Wales sites are similar to the phone apps we use for our own fire alerts and they give a feeling for the enormity of the devastation in these two states alone.



Tangambalanga Map
Tangambalanga (near Wodonga) marked in blue. Source:http://www.emergency.vic.gov.au/

8 thoughts on “Tangambalanga

      1. The West has had its fair share too. The Eyre Highway, the one that links Perth and Adelaide has been closed for days. One can only imagine how many families are waiting to return home after Christmas and can’t get through. But yes, there are advantages to living in the city.

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