With plans in ashes there’s only one option

We’re not the only caravanners gripped with reluctance to travel at present. As Victorian grey nomads we prefer to leave our summer travels until the schools go back but then where do we go?

We have two options:

Somewhere that hasn’t burnt, either the central north or the west of the state.

Or do we head to the eastern half of the state, most of which has been decimated by fires.

Put it that way, the answer then is simple. This year it will be a fire ravaged area for both our safety and to bolster those broken communities.

Surely a few caravanners wouldn’t make much of a difference? Think again.

As members of the Australian Caravan Club, our club used to submit a muster expenditure sheet to the ACC. These figures could then be quoted to communities that we were intent on visiting and the numbers were always surprising.

We caravanners consider our form of travel to be inexpensive and it is, but tally up one couple’s living expenses for a week. There’s food, drink, fuel, caravan park fees and a meal or two at a local pub or club and that’s a substantial amount to put back into a struggling community. Now multiply that figure by half a dozen willing mates…

We may be too old to repair fences but we can still do something.

A bushfire sunset at Lakes Entrance, Vic. When the Bruthen fire began in Nov 2019.

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