Coughin’ Off to Broken Creek – Send her down Huey

Day 5 Thursday 23/03/2023 Broken Creek, warm & stormy

Lunch today is at the nearby Goorambat Pub just a few k’s away. I’ve now lost my voice and still feel tired and snuffly. With everyone going to the pub, I crawl back under the covers in an effort to sleep it off. I’m warm as toast and quickly nod off. Then the phone rings, it’s I & S (not Legless and his good wife but the other I & S) they’re lost again and have gone to the wrong pub. “They’re at the Goorambat” I whisper. I think it’s time we all chipped in and bought those two a GPS, they’re always getting lost. The pub lunch was a success, which is no surprise. It is a beaut little pub.

Another of Doc’s creations is the new stage. That old truck that was out the back really did come in handy. Over on the left is the rooftop camp of the couple who met in the pyjama store.

Sitting outside in the warm dry air I watch a storm approaching.  Thunder rumbles in the distance. Doc visits all the vans to warn us that Shepparton has copped a hailstorm. Thankfully we only receive a light shower though I’m sure that Doc would have preferred a downpour to dampen the paddocks.

Happy hour is in the shelter of the camp kitchen and we all have an early night.

Dark & Stormy
Every farmer’s cry is “Come on, send her down Huey.”

Accom: $0 (Stay 4 nights pay for 3)

Fuel: $49.06


9 thoughts on “Coughin’ Off to Broken Creek – Send her down Huey

  1. Sounds like you copped a bad dose. Hope you’ve given it the flick by now Lindsay. There’s times when a cosy house of your own away from friends is a good place to be. Hope you coped in the caravan.


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