It’s a long way to the top, Day 48 – Into the Lion’s Den

Day 48 Wednesday July 23rd 2014 Cooktown It has been raining since the wee hours. But a little rain won’t stop us touring. Keatings Lagoon which is a paperbark swamp filled with waterlilies and crocodiles, of course. There is a croc warning sign telling us not to go near the water’s edge, yet the dirt path is so close that the water is lapping! We walk very quickly and pray. Black Mountain is a huge mound of black volcanic rocks with nothing growing on it except fig trees that have long enough roots to find nutrients, somewhere. We have the … Continue reading It’s a long way to the top, Day 48 – Into the Lion’s Den

The Bold and the Beautiful

It’s 2014 and we are camped in Port Douglas, Qld. We have neighbours who appear not to be all that compatible. She sits outside smoking and he can’t drag himself away from the TV inside. We refer to them as “The Bold & the Beautiful” and wonder how long they’ll last on the road together. We drive up to Cooktown and are thrilled that we have three whole days to spend there as it is an unusual town. We run into “The Bold & the Beautiful” and they are having a puncture repaired. They are unsure of how long the … Continue reading The Bold and the Beautiful

Cooktown Hotel

The Cooktown Hotel advertises sunset on their verandah and we decide to take them up on their offer. The front door is shaded by a piece of striped canvas hanging down about a metre. We lift the canvas and enter the cool of the bar. It is busy and noisy and classic rock is still playing as it was earlier in the day, now it’s the Rolling Stones. We are greeted by a small shaggy dog with a big smile. We take our drinks up the steep wooden stairs and find half a dozen others on the verandah. There are … Continue reading Cooktown Hotel

Lion’s Den Hotel

We take the short drive from Cooktown, Qld to have lunch at the famous Lion’s Den Hotel. It is a curiosity pub of the highest order. Set on the banks of the Little Annan River the back paddock is spacious and available to campers for a small fee. The pub has been operating since the tin mining days of the 1880’s when the miners would record their beer tab on the walls. Tourists still write notes on the walls. Hanging from the ceiling there are: shark jaws, cattle skulls, T shirts, bras, g strings, ski goggles, caps, miners hard hats, … Continue reading Lion’s Den Hotel