It’s a long way to the top, Day 48 – Into the Lion’s Den

Day 48 Wednesday July 23rd 2014 Cooktown

It has been raining since the wee hours. But a little rain won’t stop us touring. Keatings Lagoon which is a paperbark swamp filled with waterlilies and crocodiles, of course. There is a croc warning sign telling us not to go near the water’s edge, yet the dirt path is so close that the water is lapping! We walk very quickly and pray.

Black Mountain is a huge mound of black volcanic rocks with nothing growing on it except fig trees that have long enough roots to find nutrients, somewhere. We have the time to explore Little Annan Gorge. The rocks look as though they’ve been sliced with an angle grinder. This causeway must be terrifying in the wet season. Even today the water is gushing with frightening force.

Black Mountain
Little Annan Gorge

We have lunch at the famous Lion’s Den Hotel. It is a curiosity pub of the highest order. Set on the banks of the Little Annan River the back paddock is available to campers. It has been operating since the tin mining days of the 1880’s when the miners would record their beer tab on the walls. Tourists still write notes on the walls today. From the ceiling hangs all sundry: shark jaws, cattle skulls, T shirts, bras, g strings, ski goggles, caps, miners hard hats, coconuts, a guitar, snake skins, a set of traffic lights, a snowboard, thongs and a thousand other things. There’s even a mural made from beer bottle tops. We should have ordered the pizza but the beer is cold.    

Towing Kms: 0

The Lions Den Hotel and like all good country pubs, filled with paraphernalia junk
Anyone lost a bra?
With loads of room for camping out the back by the river

5 thoughts on “It’s a long way to the top, Day 48 – Into the Lion’s Den

      1. I did not find the Cape great, scenically. Friends who have visited more recently say it is spoiled by the “rush through” brigade. To me, it was long,dusty, rough roads for little reward. I found the extent of environmental degradation, both from fishing boat and local rubbish, really distressing.

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