It’s a long way to the top, Day 45 – A place of endless fascination

Day 45 Sunday July 20th 2014 Endeavour River

It was a cool evening and the day gradually warms with a light breeze. I wake to a massive headache which is no surprise as the empty wine bottle is labelled Dragon’s Blood! We laze in bed with the window open so that we can gaze out at the bush surrounding us.

 After our coffee we visit the Clydesdales, this is a working Clydesdale ranch and passionfruit farm. We walk through the rainforest to Cameron Creek ever mindful of crocs. Brush turkeys scratch about the camp. Tan coloured ants with big emerald green bellies (green ants) walk all over us and two ugly yellow spiders “own” the rubbish bins. But hey, there are no cars, planes, trains, trucks only the sound of birds and the squeak of tree limbs in the bush.

Cameron Creek
Please pat the horses. One of the gentle Clydesdales
A land so lush

We walk to Fuller’s Landing, where a hundred years ago crops were loaded onto boats to be shipped down river. As we lean on the metal croc barriers gazing at the murky brown river, Woody shouts “Jesus, I heard a growl” and stops dead in his tracks. ‘S’ and I rush over and gingerly look about the scrub. “Oh look, it was just a branch rubbing on my hat” says Woody. Thanks for scaring the life out of us.

We find vines strong enough to climb on and enormous green ‘Tetris’ shaped seed pods hanging from trees. This is a special place.

Towing Kms: 0

A lagoon of lilies
But on closer inspection, there’s a crocodile

12 thoughts on “It’s a long way to the top, Day 45 – A place of endless fascination

  1. I just had to google fatalities from spider bites and found the following:

    More Australians have been killed by horses in recent years than all the country’s venomous creatures put together, a new study by Melbourne University researchers has found.

    I’d still want to check the dunny carefully before sitting down!


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