Not Much to See Here

“There’s not much to see” says the lass at the Info Centre in Kununurra, WA. We take her meagre advice and visit Kelly’s Knob lookout above the town to get the lie of the land. She couldn’t tell us where historic Ivanhoe Crossing was as she hadn’t heard of it. Not surprisingly we find it on Ivanhoe Road just as the sun is setting and there are folks fishing with disregard for crocodiles and the water is brimming across the spillway. Of course it is prohibited to drive on it these days and a huge boulder blocks the causeway. In … Continue reading Not Much to See Here

Sun Picture Gardens

We are in Broome, WA and when we notice that the Sun Picture Gardens has a screening tonight we race back into town to catch the 6:15 session. And what a show it is. It is like being a part of living history. The building is a three sided iron shed some of the canvas deck chair seating is under cover and some spills out into the open air. Palms and gardens line the fences and the screen is at the bottom of the garden. The toilets are located one on each side of the screen, so everyone knows when … Continue reading Sun Picture Gardens

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Up in the Kimberley we take an early morning flight over Lake Argyle and out to the Bungle Bungles. With their unusual beehive domes they stand apart from the other ranges. On our return we circle the Argyle diamond mine. Originally an open cut mine they are now tunneling underneath the hillside and have now removed the whole volcano. The pilot tells us that the roads are paved with diamond dust, oh let me out here. Continue reading Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend