Not Much to See Here

Kununurra from Kelly's Knob
Kununurra from Kelly’s Knob

“There’s not much to see” says the lass at the Info Centre in Kununurra, WA. We take her meagre advice and visit Kelly’s Knob lookout above the town to get the lie of the land. She couldn’t tell us where historic Ivanhoe Crossing was as she hadn’t heard of it. Not surprisingly we find it on Ivanhoe Road just as the sun is setting and there are folks fishing with disregard for crocodiles and the water is brimming across the spillway. Of course it is prohibited to drive on it these days and a huge boulder blocks the causeway.

Ivanhoe Crossing, Kununurra
Ivanhoe Crossing, Ord River, Kununurra

In the evening the Sleeping Buddha mountain glows pink while we have drinks overlooking the lake. Not much to see eh? Is it any wonder that Kununurra is Australia’s best kept secret?

Sleeping Buddha, Kununurra
Sleeping Buddha, Kununurra

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