Sun Picture Gardens

We are in Broome, WA and when we notice that the Sun Picture Gardens has a screening tonight we race back into town to catch the 6:15 session. And what a show it is. It is like being a part of living history. The building is a three sided iron shed some of the canvas deck chair seating is under cover and some spills out into the open air. Palms and gardens line the fences and the screen is at the bottom of the garden. The toilets are located one on each side of the screen, so everyone knows when someone has to go. Before the movie starts people shuffle across the worn and patched floorboards clutching cushions, pillows and blankets. Brian has a theory that we can judge the price of their accommodation by the quality of the cushions that they’ve brought along. They certainly don’t need blankets as it is a warm balmy tropical night. There we sit tilted back sipping lemonade staring at the screen as the stars and the moon shine down.

The movie? The Second Best Marigold Hotel.

The verdict? A good laugh and I couldn’t think of a better place to watch it.

The surprise? Because the airport is in the heart of town the theatre is right under the flight path and the planes are very low, so low that you can check their under carriage and make sure that the wheels are down. I’d love to be here when a war movie is screening it would frighten you out of your deck chair.


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