If it’s steak you want

This may come as a surprise but some nights when we’re sitting about chatting the topic of food comes up and when it does there’s always a lot of shouting and dreamy looks as we remember a night in Mudgee. It was a freezing cold winter’s night back in 2017 and VeeWee, Woody and I were in one of our favourite towns, Mudgee, NSW. We were all longing for a good steak and the Lawson Park Hotel nearby advertised that they had pretty good steaks. Rugged up in winter woollies we trundled off hoping, just hoping, that the meal would … Continue reading If it’s steak you want

Lawson Park Hotel

Winter 2017 In Mudgee, NSW and hankering for a steak we walk this charming town and find the Red Heifer Grill at the Lawson Park Hotel where the specialty is steak of course. It is a freezing cold winter’s night, we’re talking scarves and woollens now, and there’s a roaring fire in the bar. Out the back are some of the largest steaks that you’d ever find and the house red is a smooth local drop called ‘Black’ Shiraz. Steaks sizzle on the grill, ours almost melt in our mouths and the shiraz? We buy a dozen the next day. Continue reading Lawson Park Hotel

Sheep Washing

We’re ambling south through New South Wales and I decide to visit the Mudgee museum. I meet a charming old gent who proudly shows me their collection of wedding gowns and flat irons, but I’m a girl who is more interested in the sheep washer. I’ve never seen anything like it. Apparently in the old days they had no way of washing the shorn fleeces so the poor old sheep was put into a box, with its head poking through a hole, while water was poured in then he copped a jolly good scrubbing before being lifted out for drying. Continue reading Sheep Washing