Rutherglen, the wine town

Established in 1860 when gold was discovered. The name of Rutherglen was decided upon when a local publican offered to shout the bar if he could name the town after his hometown in Scotland. Wine making is the mainstay of this area now after having fought back from being wiped out by phylloxera. Famous for its fortifieds, sweet, sticky and unctuous they’re enough to warm a winters evening by the fire. So important is wine to this town that even the Information Centre has a licence to sell wine and a visit to pick up a few brochures can turn … Continue reading Rutherglen, the wine town

A Dinner Worth its Weight in Gold

I was writing a piece on the high incidence of gold discovery in Australian towns when friends invited us to visit the Tarnagulla Strictly Vintage Fair. I was keen to take part in the celebrations as this is such an interesting and lesser known town in the Victorian Goldfields. Our mate ‘R’ who was born and bred in Tarnagulla organised dinner at the only pub, The Golden Age, for a few mates who are  Old Tarnagullans and who now all live in Melbourne, though some like ‘R’ have smallholdings in the goldfields. …The front bar is crowded and a guitarist … Continue reading A Dinner Worth its Weight in Gold

Family Fun

This week I’ve heard two heart warming stories. Friends of ours had a grown up daughter join us at our recent club muster. When our friends’ family was young they took the kids out of school for a year and travelled Australia in the caravan. The trip was so good that when this particular daughter accepted her boyfriend’s proposal it was on the proviso that they too would buy a caravan and take their planned family around Australia. The daughter and her husband now have four children and a brand new caravan with lots of bunk beds is under construction. … Continue reading Family Fun