Rutherglen, the wine town

Established in 1860 when gold was discovered. The name of Rutherglen was decided upon when a local publican offered to shout the bar if he could name the town after his hometown in Scotland.

Wine making is the mainstay of this area now after having fought back from being wiped out by phylloxera. Famous for its fortifieds, sweet, sticky and unctuous they’re enough to warm a winters evening by the fire.

So important is wine to this town that even the Information Centre has a licence to sell wine and a visit to pick up a few brochures can turn into a serious wine tasting if one isn’t careful.

The wineries are all close to town and dotted between Rutherglen, Wahgunyah and Corowa. Is it any wonder cycling wine tours are so popular?

The climate is hot and dry. The landscape flat and in summer the paddocks are dried to a crisp. The main street of Rutherglen is blessed with many old shop verandahs flanking the street.

‘Dig gentleman dig, but no deeper than six inches, for there is more gold to be won from the top six inches than from all of the depths below’ Lindsay Brown, winemaker and first to plant vines in this region.


10 thoughts on “Rutherglen, the wine town

    1. Now Margaret you’ve just reminded me we were once dining in a boutique hotel in the south of England and the wine waiter insisted that the world’s best fortified wines came from our little Rutherglen. What a nice man, but we didn’t go all that way to drink wine that we could get at home!

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