Wet Emblems

It is winter 2014 and we’re in Longreach in Western Queensland, there are clouds gathering, rain is forecast but the locals are reluctant to talk about it. They’re in the midst of the worst drought in 100 years. Overnight it starts raining and hasn’t let up all day. The red dust has turned to slippery, sticky mud. I can now see how the unmade roads around here quickly become impassable. Any wonder it was the birthplace of Australia’s iconic airline Qantas. Just turning the car around at the end of a residential street we churn up ruts in the mud. … Continue reading Wet Emblems

Nambung Station

I think I found Nambung Station on the internet while researching our WA trip. It was only 22kms off the main highway along a very good dirt road. As we drove through Moura I rang ahead just to make sure that they were still accepting guests. When we arrived the manager Sonia greeted us warmly with a freshly baked cake. The camping area is large, flat and well grassed. Water is available and a dump point, there is even an airstrip. I’d like to see Big4 and the other formal parks try to match that. From our caravan we could … Continue reading Nambung Station

Farm Stays

There are so many options when caravanning and camping, Caravan Parks, National (& State) Parks, Free Camps, Showgrounds and Farm Stays. There is nothing quite like a Farm Stay. For a reasonable fee hundreds of farmers across Australia offer basic camping facilities and provide city folk with an insight into what life on the land is like. Or more specifically what life in their part of the country is like as conditions vary so much across Australia. Every property is as different as the farmers themselves and the facilities they offer vary too, but that is part of the experience. … Continue reading Farm Stays

The Buster

Its mid winter and we find that the two council caravan parks in Woolgoolga are almost full with southerners.  But at least we can squeeze into Woolgoolga Beach Caravan Park. As it’s only an overnight stop we would much prefer to have a drive through site but beggars can’t be choosers. We are put at the very corner of the camp beside the intersection of two shopping streets and there are no fences. In fact we could pretty much crawl across the street to the pub or shout our coffee order to the cafe beside us. A guy walks past … Continue reading The Buster

South Johnstone

In north Queensland we had passed an intriguing pub at South Johnstone but couldn’t park the van. Being only a short distance away we decided not to let this one go. Next day we cross the South Johnstone River on a large causeway style bridge with no rails, these things freak me out. The thought of rushing floodwaters and crocodiles is enough to give anyone a thirst. South Johnstone has a large sugar mill at the south end and the South Johnstone River at the north end. In between there is a narrow road, about six empty “shops”, the Criterion … Continue reading South Johnstone

There’s Movement at the Van Park

There’s a woman in the dunny Blowing hair all around And talking incessantly Of problems, they abound. Campers are walking Their poodles and shih tzus Dawdling and chatting And sharing, the day’s news. There’ve been some young blokes Misbehaving in the park Drinking and fighting Even shooting, in the dark. We nomads are excited Our minds are all abuzz It’s not every morning We have breakfast, with the fuzz. – Lindsey Wood Continue reading There’s Movement at the Van Park

You Should Try Caravanning…

We had been trying hard to convince our friends to retire and try caravanning because we knew that they love the bush and we’d often camped together over the years. Not to be outdone by an earlier episode at Healesville when the water main burst we decided to try again and invited them to meet us in Mildura. “There was a light breeze but it was a lovely evening to sit on the riverbank. The fire worked well and the leg of lamb smelled good as it cooked on the Weber. We warned our friends that caravanners like to go … Continue reading You Should Try Caravanning…

Tenterfield, NSW

The Tenterfield showgrounds are home for the night so we park beside a rocky little creek that looks as though it may have flooded recently as there is quite a bit of debris about. The caretaker is a rosy cheeked lass who looks to be more at home on a horse, but that is what this area is famous for. In fact whenever we visit the toilet block we must take care to step around the horse poo. The town shops appear at first to be run down but on closer inspection there are upmarket women’s wear shops, quality home … Continue reading Tenterfield, NSW

The Bathroom Door With Anxiety Disorder

Nervous Nellie, the bathroom door on our caravan is scared of dirt roads. “How” you say “would you know that? It’s a door for God’s sake.” Well, at the mere mention that we’ll be travelling on an unmade road, it trembles and quakes and jumps off it’s guide rails. When we travel on a dirt road for no matter how short a distance, it does the full banana. Slips its lock and jumps off its guide rails then wedges itself between the wall and the toilet at such an angle that we can’t get into the bathroom. No matter how … Continue reading The Bathroom Door With Anxiety Disorder

Woody Head

At Iluka, NSW which is opposite Yamba on the mouth of the Clarence, we choose to stay at the Woody Head camp ground in the Bundjalung National Park. The camp ground is in a sheltered basin overlooking the ocean and surrounded by World Heritage rain forest. We set up on a large level site and have lunch with a wild turkey and a couple of old ducks. There are a lot of people camped here but it is incredibly quiet, except for the screeching of the lorikeets and the pounding of the surf. Back at camp we enjoy the solitude … Continue reading Woody Head