Nambung Station

I think I found Nambung Station on the internet while researching our WA trip. It was only 22kms off the main highway along a very good dirt road. As we drove through Moura I rang ahead just to make sure that they were still accepting guests. When we arrived the manager Sonia greeted us warmly with a freshly baked cake. The camping area is large, flat and well grassed. Water is available and a dump point, there is even an airstrip. I’d like to see Big4 and the other formal parks try to match that.

From our caravan we could see the Pinnacles sand dunes across the paddocks. Once we were set up and comfortable station owner Brian treated us to a drive out to The Nambung National Park, better known as The Pinnacles desert which adjoins his 5000 acre property. The property is home to sheep, cattle and a few alpaca along with mobs of kangaroos and emus.

The drive was a good chance to see his herds up close and the wildlife. The dunes were higher than we had realised and it was a steep climb but the view across the district was excellent. The limestone Pinnacles rise up from hollows exposed by the wind. There are sun bleached bones and whitened sea shells of indeterminate age in the sand. Brian told us that the dunes constantly move exposing and burying as they go. The sand skitters across the tops of the dunes in a blur. By the time that we climb back into the car our shoes are filled with sand. Our hair, even our ears and it is fine yellow sand that can only be removed under a good hot shower and Nambung has two lovely bathrooms!

Nambung captured our imagination and we decided to stay another day. Whether it is the breeze whispering in the pines, the black cockatoos screeching in the pines or the galahs chattering and kicking the cockies out of the pines, we don’t know, it just has a wonderful air that makes you feel good. Perhaps it is the view that goes on forever and the cows munching happily in the paddocks.

The seaside towns of Cervantes and Jurien Bay are an easy drive from Nambung but who would want to leave with such wonderful hosts.


Nambung Station
Pinnacles Desert



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