Farm Stays

There are so many options when caravanning and camping, Caravan Parks, National (& State) Parks, Free Camps, Showgrounds and Farm Stays. There is nothing quite like a Farm Stay.

For a reasonable fee hundreds of farmers across Australia offer basic camping facilities and provide city folk with an insight into what life on the land is like. Or more specifically what life in their part of the country is like as conditions vary so much across Australia. Every property is as different as the farmers themselves and the facilities they offer vary too, but that is part of the experience. At times you may find that power and water is available and camp sites are laid out like a caravan park, at other places you may need to be self sufficient or you may share the amenities used by the station staff. But that in itself can be interesting, as these folk are often travellers themselves, fascinating young people working their way around the world with as many stories as you have. Not to mention the farmers and their families. We’ve never left a farm stay without feeling enriched by the experience.

Heading into Indee Station, WA

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