Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high

Forty kms north of Hillston, NSW on the Kidman Way we turn onto a dirt road and pass cotton farms. There are several vans camped at the roadside rest area. We follow the road for 10kms to Billabourie Farm Stay. The family is not home so we choose our spots from several acres of grassy reserve overlooking the Lachlan River. There is no one else here and it is heavenly. A warm afternoon, willows dipping in the river. Water lilies flowering. All of the usual suspects flit about in the trees, cockatoos, galahs, small parrots, Willy wagtails and apostle birds. … Continue reading Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high

Log, log!

We toast the last rays of the sun as they glow on the offshore islands. Our neighbours tell us about their last caravan park and how much they enjoyed it. Even though one camper had been checking her photos and noticed a croc swimming across the picture. “No way” said the park manager “that’s a log”. The camper brought up the next photo and ‘the log’ was swimming past again this time in the opposite direction! Continue reading Log, log!

If you know Bourke…

The ‘Back of Bourke’ so the saying goes. Bourke conjures up visions of a large dusty dry town, yet it is nothing like that at all. It is not a large town nor small but very green with bottle trees, palms and plenty of parks with lush lawns. The houses are varied in architecture but shady wide spreading verandahs are the order of the day. Best of all for caravanners there is a tall double bay truck wash to get rid of the red dust, the evidence of actually getting this far. The Bourke court house is grand and elaborate. … Continue reading If you know Bourke…

Caravan Parks that make an Effort

Ilfracombe Caravan Park At first glance there doesn’t appear to be much in Ilfracombe but it is a better option than Longreach when staying in this area. Why? Because Jesse, Cath and the kids have built a Happy Hour shed and every night they put on nibbles and entertainment. It’s the sort of entertainment where you’ll laugh until your sides hurt. Even the kids deliver bush poetry. If that isn’t enough Cath takes guests on tours of the local Langenbaker Historic House. But hey there is more. Every winter they host the Ilfracombe Olympics and that, folks, is another story. … Continue reading Caravan Parks that make an Effort

Nindigully Pub

I’m sure all Queenslanders know of the Nindigully Pub. West of Goondiwindi, south of St George and not far from the New South Wales border Nindigully sits at the junction of the Carnarvon and Barwon highways and on the banks of the Moonie River. As far as iconic Aussie bush pubs go this one ticks all of the boxes.Built in 1864 on a well used stock route and river crossing there is now little else but the pub in what was once a Cobb & Co staging post. The long low pub has a wooden floored verandah and hitching rails … Continue reading Nindigully Pub