Caravan Parks that make an Effort

Ilfracombe Caravan Park

At first glance there doesn’t appear to be much in Ilfracombe but it is a better option than Longreach when staying in this area. Why? Because Jesse, Cath and the kids have built a Happy Hour shed and every night they put on nibbles and entertainment. It’s the sort of entertainment where you’ll laugh until your sides hurt. Even the kids deliver bush poetry. If that isn’t enough Cath takes guests on tours of the local Langenbaker Historic House. But hey there is more. Every winter they host the Ilfracombe Olympics and that, folks, is another story.

Mitchell Caravan Park, Bourke

Steph and Dan have only had this little park a short time but it is neat and clean with a nice green patch of lawn in the middle flanked by bottle trees. Some parks would turn this lawn into additional sites and make us all feel like sardines but not these guys, they prefer not to mess with the ambience.

Every night of the week Steph and Dan cook dinner for their guests for a small price. Hot dogs, hamburgers, sexy stews, fish & chips, pizza. Something different each night. It is a bit of a luxury to have someone else cook your dinner while you sit around the fire pit chatting. We had pizza when we stayed and two of the delicious meat lovers pizzas gave us enough left overs for lunch next day on the road. For those travelling with pooches it is a dog friendly park and they host doggy day care if you wish to take the paddle steamer cruise on the river.

Steph and Dan of Mitchell Caravan Park

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