Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high

Forty kms north of Hillston, NSW on the Kidman Way we turn onto a dirt road and pass cotton farms. There are several vans camped at the roadside rest area. We follow the road for 10kms to Billabourie Farm Stay. The family is not home so we choose our spots from several acres of grassy reserve overlooking the Lachlan River. There is no one else here and it is heavenly. A warm afternoon, willows dipping in the river. Water lilies flowering. All of the usual suspects flit about in the trees, cockatoos, galahs, small parrots, Willy wagtails and apostle birds. There are no other sounds other than the birds. It is autumn and small white mushrooms are popping up in the grass and the air smells of paddocks. We cook steaks on the BBQ and eat outside. By the time that we turn in Scorpio is gracing the eastern sky. This is Aussie bush splendour in all its glory and those vans at the highway rest area have missed out on so much.

Lachlan River, Billabourie
Billabourie Farm Stay

13 thoughts on “Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high

  1. Great to see the map! Just one thing… explain to me again why Australia is growing thirsty cotton? It’s a bit like exporting water. Sorry if I’m spoiling the atmosphere.


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