Nindigully Pub

I’m sure all Queenslanders know of the Nindigully Pub. West of Goondiwindi, south of St George and not far from the New South Wales border Nindigully sits at the junction of the Carnarvon and Barwon highways and on the banks of the Moonie River. As far as iconic Aussie bush pubs go this one ticks all of the boxes.Built in 1864 on a well used stock route and river crossing there is now little else but the pub in what was once a Cobb & Co staging post. The long low pub has a wooden floored verandah and hitching rails out front. There’s an inviting beer garden with palm trees and an open air bar. Inside the walls are hung with photos and memorabilia, drovers Akubra hats dot the ceiling. There’s a welcoming timber lined dining room also filled with photos from times gone by and of the last flood when the river lapped the verandah out front. There is a large campground with at least thirty vans when we visit and room for many more. The river is pretty and flanked with an interpretive walk and pictures of local snakes that could kill us, most of them actually. A one hundred year old and rotting wooden bridge spans the river.

This pub is famous for its burgers but we doubt that we could handle the 5.5kg beef pattie with all the trimmings that can serve up to 6 hungry people for $60. We settle for the best pub Barra & Chips that we’ve ever had!

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