Victoria River, NT

Someone once said isn’t it funny how nothing is ever how you imagine it to be. That is so correct even today when we can ‘walk’ and ‘fly’ over our destination with Google Earth and still we get there and it looks similar but there is oh so much more.I expected Victoria River to be rough and rugged and barren. How pleasantly was I surprised when we visited in 2015. Beside the roadhouse there is a paddock of new mown hay. This is the first grass paddock that we’ve seen since south of Kalbarri. It’s funny the things that you … Continue reading Victoria River, NT

Moon Rise Rollingstone

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…. Located in far North Queensland or FNQ as it is known by the locals, Rollingstone beach is your quintessential tropical beach, swaying palms and a host of offshore islands that form part of the Great Barrier Reef region. We oohed and aahed as the sunset turned the sky all shades of pinks and lilacs then the moon rose gracefully from behind an island. A dozen people just stood on the beach totally gobsmacked. Continue reading Moon Rise Rollingstone

Answering a Few Questions About Caravan Clubs

So, what do caravan clubs do? Our particular club usually meets four times a year for a muster. Sometimes we may have a quick catch up at a local pub for lunch in between musters. Having plenty in common there’s always plenty to talk about. Members aren’t expected to attend every muster as being keen travellers there are always a few vans away on the road or someone travelling overseas. Where are the musters held? At caravan parks and for our group they are mostly in Victoria. Our group is growing in size so the facilities that we look for … Continue reading Answering a Few Questions About Caravan Clubs

Railway Hotel, Ravenswood, Qld

 Ravenswood is about 80kms south east of Charters Towers. There’s not much out here but cattle that wander about the road and dry creek beds. An enormous mullock heap is a dead give away that there’s mining going on though. Small mullock heaps and old brick chimneys dot the landscape and a handful of old buildings. A post office / general store, a museum, hall and two live pubs. We choose the a Railway Hotel, the pub that advertises the coldest beer in Qld and are not disappointed. Hey, they use glycol as a coolant which means a lot to … Continue reading Railway Hotel, Ravenswood, Qld

Cruising on Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle is the water catchment on the Ord River near Kununurra in Western Australia. Several tour companies offer sightseeing cruises on the lake. We cruise around the islands of the lake and see wallabies, fresh water crocodiles, even a baby one and golden orb spiders. The lake is about forty times the size of Sydney Harbour and if it ever reaches its capacity it will be about eighty times that of Sydney Harbour. Don’t tell the folks in Sydney. The boat has two 250hp Honda outboards on the back, the water is as smooth as glass and we glide … Continue reading Cruising on Lake Argyle

A Special Deal

Now here’s a sign that only Australian readers will understand, so I apologise to my international readers. To try and explain this play on words is difficult but here goes….Our local meal of choice in country pubs is an Aussie corruption of a classic Italian Parmagiana, however we use chicken instead of veal these days. Clive Palmer is a mining magnate turned politician in the style of Donald Trump. Continue reading A Special Deal

The Pole Carrier

On our way to the West, we wake to the smell of the Aussie bush. After walking around town looking at the houses, shops and the river the three of us try to attach V’s new second hand pole carrier to the underside of her new van. Of course this may seem a simple task to most members of our caravan club but to us climbing Everest would have been easier. We take turns in rolling about under the chassis and groaning while Tilly leaps about giving dog assistance (not). Woody had left the clips from one end at home … Continue reading The Pole Carrier

Theresa Creek Dam

Twenty kilometres from Clermont in Central Queensland, the Theresa Creek Dam gives you a choice between the feel of being in the bush and that of a resort park. There is a general store that is run by the management that provides basic needs and light meals like Turkish toasties, burgers and fish & chips. The store is set in a garden and grassed area with playground facilities for children. It is an inviting spot for a morning coffee. There are sloping grassed sites close to the lakeshore with stunning views. Behind the store there is a flat well grassed area … Continue reading Theresa Creek Dam