The Pole Carrier

On our way to the West, we wake to the smell of the Aussie bush. After walking around town looking at the houses, shops and the river the three of us try to attach V’s new second hand pole carrier to the underside of her new van. Of course this may seem a simple task to most members of our caravan club but to us climbing Everest would have been easier. We take turns in rolling about under the chassis and groaning while Tilly leaps about giving dog assistance (not). Woody had left the clips from one end at home so attaching one end cap keeps V and I busy for at least an hour until Woody suggests gaffer tape. We’re half way through when the rest of our party arrive so D gets roped in to cut a few bolts with his hacksaw. Then it’s back under the van and a lot more rolling in the dirt before the job is done. I guess we have learnt that if we can’t fix anything with cable ties, gaffer tape or silicon on this trip then we’re stuffed.
Four days later on the Nullarbor…..We leave early to visit Fowlers Bay just 20kms away. V is about 20 mins ahead of us. The road is marked as bitumen but suddenly turns to badly corrugated dirt. We turn around after a few kilometres but communications are so bad we can only leave V a text. We wait up the road at Nundroo. It is fascinating watching the road trains. Eventually V arrives and declares ‘that road’ to be the worst she’s EVER driven on. The table and one drawer came adrift on her new ‘off road’ van but Woody is ecstatic that the pole carrier is still securely in place.
Footnote: Same trip but months later on I break my ankle. Cable ties, gaffer tape and silicon didn’t help…we were stuffed.


5 thoughts on “The Pole Carrier

  1. How right you are….cable ties, gaffer tape, silicon and a bit or wire are certain to be packed on any trip we make…you just never know when you will need to do some makeshift repairs – for yourself or someone else. Trust the ankle didn’t prove too difficult and you could eventually keep travelling.


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