June 2015 Katherine in the Northern Territory is the birthplace of champion cyclist Cadel Evans. This is a very tropical town and Shady Lane Caravan Park is all palms and mango trees. I ask the chap at the Katherine Info Centre what the main attractions are in town, apart from the Katherine Gorge of course, and with a big grin he replies “me”. I’ll have to stop asking that question. Continue reading Katherine

Victoria River, NT

Someone once said isn’t it funny how nothing is ever how you imagine it to be. That is so correct even today when we can ‘walk’ and ‘fly’ over our destination with Google Earth and still we get there and it looks similar but there is oh so much more.I expected Victoria River to be rough and rugged and barren. How pleasantly was I surprised when we visited in 2015. Beside the roadhouse there is a paddock of new mown hay. This is the first grass paddock that we’ve seen since south of Kalbarri. It’s funny the things that you … Continue reading Victoria River, NT

A Bloke Called Mahoney

It is late June and there are so many RV’s heading north on the Stuart Highway that it could be described as a stream. We’re heading south because I’ve broken my ankle and Woody keeps complaining that he’s sick of waving and wants a plastic hand on the dash board. In fact southbound we’ve only passed an old bloke collecting aluminium cans, a backpacker whiz bang and a fellow an idiot on a bicycle. I text my old boss to wish him a Happy Birthday and he tells me that his Dad is camped at the Marbles. We drive in and … Continue reading A Bloke Called Mahoney

The road that never ends…

Well it certainly feels like this road never ends especially when one leg is in plaster. Elliott, NT Elliott is on the Stuart Highway in the Barkly Tableland. There’s not a lot happening in Elliott apart from a cattle yard and a tick dip. The Elliott Caravan Park is a red dirt yard behind the servo. But on some sites there is power and water. There are amenities and a usable pool (which is not much use to me as I’m on crutches, I’m having enough trouble mastering the van shower with one leg stuck out the door) and sixteen … Continue reading The road that never ends…

Lindsey Falls

We pack our bathers and drive 60kms north of Katherine to Edith Falls and what a pretty spot. We walk the kilometre up to the top where the climb gets a little bit difficult and we have a swim in the pool. It’s a real bucket list thing swimming in a waterfall fed pool in the Northern Territory. The walk down is much cooler in our wet togs. I am giving Woody a hard time about wearing sandals on a bush walk and as the track evens out I stop concentrating on my footing and WHACK I find myself on … Continue reading Lindsey Falls

It’s More Than Just Souvenirs

It is the time of the year when we become a little more reflective, a little more caring of each other and grateful for life’s experiences. Sometimes we bring home something more than souvenirs from our travels. Last winter we were lucky enough to spend a few days in Katherine in the Northern Territory. The town had a warm friendly feel to it and the locals were welcoming to tourists. We were kept busy with all of the attractions that the area had to offer until I tripped and broke my ankle. While I was waiting in the Emergency Department … Continue reading It’s More Than Just Souvenirs