Railway Hotel, Ravenswood, Qld

 Ravenswood is about 80kms south east of Charters Towers. There’s not much out here but cattle that wander about the road and dry creek beds. An enormous mullock heap is a dead give away that there’s mining going on though. Small mullock heaps and old brick chimneys dot the landscape and a handful of old buildings. A post office / general store, a museum, hall and two live pubs. We choose the a Railway Hotel, the pub that advertises the coldest beer in Qld and are not disappointed. Hey, they use glycol as a coolant which means a lot to a Victorian beer drinker! Even red wine is kept in the fridge in these parts. The locals reckon that fridge temperature is room temperature in Europe. I reckon they may be right. Charlie the owners’ Dad is a Victorian too so that explains the ice cold beer. Anyway Charlie and the barmaid both like a chat, lunch is good and the three storey pub is as close as you could get to original condition. During the war the pub housed a Townsville boarding school, to keep the young girls out of harms way while the real boarding school became a barracks for troops.

Railway Hotel, Ravenswood

Ravenswood, Google Maps


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