Mrs Curlew’s Mystery

There are two Curlews that stalk our park. The moment that you lock eyes on them they freeze using their camouflage plumage to hide themselves from view but it doesn’t quite work. They look more like a couple of old ladies locked in a Tai Chi position.  We have a big night at the local bowls club and ergh, we’re so hungover next morning that we don’t even notice Mrs Curlew laying an egg outside our van. Our neighbours all pass the egg amongst themselves muttering that the hen will disown it if it has been handled which leaves me … Continue reading Mrs Curlew’s Mystery

At Your Service

Well exercised from a good walk my sister in law and I pop into a little Gold Coast hinterland cafe and order lunch. “Just park your bums and I’ll bring it over” says the cheery waitress. We wait and wait and wait. When we eventually complain we are told that the pilot light has gone out, but it’s nearly ready. “What?” We say “The stove or the lunch?” At least we were entertained by the cheeky Butcher birds stealing leftovers from lucky diners’ plates. The Butcher birds probably would have been faster workers in the kitchen too. Continue reading At Your Service

Family Fun

This week I’ve heard two heart warming stories. Friends of ours had a grown up daughter join us at our recent club muster. When our friends’ family was young they took the kids out of school for a year and travelled Australia in the caravan. The trip was so good that when this particular daughter accepted her boyfriend’s proposal it was on the proviso that they too would buy a caravan and take their planned family around Australia. The daughter and her husband now have four children and a brand new caravan with lots of bunk beds is under construction. … Continue reading Family Fun

Off the beaten track, Murray Falls Camp Ground

We were new to this going off the bitumen stuff and very tentative but the ladies at the information centre in Cardwell, Qld took our National Park fee and assured us that the road into Murray Falls was tarred and “really good”. We turned off the Bruce Highway and passed sugar cane and paw paw farms and after about 16kms the road turned to very bumpy dirt with a couple of narrow bridges, even the scenery deteriorated. We were becoming somewhat anxious, would we be able to turn around if we were on the wrong road? Then the National Parks … Continue reading Off the beaten track, Murray Falls Camp Ground