Mrs Curlew’s Mystery

There are two Curlews that stalk our park. The moment that you lock eyes on them they freeze using their camouflage plumage to hide themselves from view but it doesn’t quite work. They look more like a couple of old ladies locked in a Tai Chi position.


 We have a big night at the local bowls club and ergh, we’re so hungover next morning that we don’t even notice Mrs Curlew laying an egg outside our van. Our neighbours all pass the egg amongst themselves muttering that the hen will disown it if it has been handled which leaves me wondering why they’re all handling it in the first place.


Mrs Curlew finds the egg which has now been put in a new location in front of Dominic’s caravan. We all give her a wide berth as we are getting the evil Curlew stare. I used a zoom lens for this photo.


Next morning Mrs Curlew and her egg have disappeared, did the park manager interfere with nature or did Dominic really have eggs and bacon for breakfast?


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