Off the beaten track, Murray Falls Camp Ground

We were new to this going off the bitumen stuff and very tentative but the ladies at the information centre in Cardwell, Qld took our National Park fee and assured us that the road into Murray Falls was tarred and “really good”.

We turned off the Bruce Highway and passed sugar cane and paw paw farms and after about 16kms the road turned to very bumpy dirt with a couple of narrow bridges, even the scenery deteriorated. We were becoming somewhat anxious, would we be able to turn around if we were on the wrong road? Then the National Parks sign appeared and we entered a large camp ground encircled by hills, mowed as neatly as a resort and scattered with tall gums. The noise of the falls was unmistakable and when we looked up it was as though it was above us, a tremendous waterfall, of the sort that you would drive a long way to see. Downstream there was a quiet swimming hole and the only crocs were being worn by the campers. There were about 30 campers but room for a hundred or more.

Murray Falls
Murray Falls Camp Ground

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