Green Hoods

“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome indescribably magnificent world in itself.” – Henry Miller We were fortunate to have a ‘colony’ of these tiny Green Hood orchids in the back garden of our last house and each year I would eagerly await the appearance of their little heads. I remember being out in the garden taking this photo when a botanical artist friend from Tasmania phoned. I could hear Woody answer the phone with “Oh, she’s lying  in the garden photographing flowers.” Which I’d have to say was … Continue reading Green Hoods

Under the Weather

My eyes look like oysters My hair feels like string My throat’s full of razors I’ve lost all my zing! We recently spent a totally relaxed week in the high country of Victoria with a bunch of mates. Nothing to do but talk, laugh and drink in the scenery…wisps of woodsmoke on the clean mountain air, a babbling stream and clever chattering birds. All too soon it was time to drive back down to Mansfield to join the rest of our club members for the formal part of the muster. Woody got the van all set up in the caravan park … Continue reading Under the Weather

When Every Drop Counts

We had been in a free camp for several warm lazy days. Bush walks, the river gurgling in the background and bird watching on steroids. I’ve never seen so many birds. Just as we start to take this paradise for granted and in total contrast to the weather forecast the heavens opened. Annoying as it was we were able to collect 30 litres of water in our buckets to top up our tanks. If only we’d had more buckets or perhaps one of those schmick new vans with the built in water collection system that catches the water off the … Continue reading When Every Drop Counts

Coming Home

The feeling of coming home after a long trip can be sweet and sour. Sometimes we’re ready for home, losing our appreciation of the sights. Our senses jaded from trying to take in far too much. Our trip in the winter of 2016 had so many small things go wrong that we were in a constant state of stress thinking what next? Those mounting problems seemed to be punctuated with rain and returning south the cold seemed to be seeping into our bones. Walking in the door at home felt, well, homely. It was nice to have more space and … Continue reading Coming Home

Why do Southern Grey Nomads go Home for the Summer?

Did I hear you say “to enjoy the warm weather”? Wrong! It’s doctor season. Yes, it’s time to visit the GP, the specialists, have the checkups, the once overs, the day procedures and the much needed little ops. Time also to stock up on prescription drugs (yes kids grandma is on drugs and when it comes to superheroes grandpa is truly the Bionic Man) and in general make sure that the body beautiful is in good shape to hit the road for another winter up north. To save the hassle of counting out pills we now keep our prescriptions and … Continue reading Why do Southern Grey Nomads go Home for the Summer?