Know You’re in the Bush When…

Paddock bombs (kids cars) are parked at the farm gate during school hours. Old mud and dust covered bombs, antiquated, bits missing, sometimes even the roof cut off for a bit of ‘country cool’. You see them parked at the gate just waiting for the kids to return on the bus. A long driveway disappears over the hill and soon there’ll be a trail of dust. Note: I was going to include a pic of a paddock bomb out in the countryside then I remembered this photo of my own paddock bomb back in 1965. She faithfully carried a whole … Continue reading Know You’re in the Bush When…

Tape ? What tape?

The drive up the Hume Highway is quiet and made more enjoyable by a little classical music while Woody snoozes, Priscilla (our van) is humming away behind us. All of a sudden something starts hammering on the roof like hail. I wake Woody (deafness has its advantages), he opens the sunroof blind and says “Oh it’s the tape on the windscreen, it’s come undone.” “Tape, what’s tape doing on the windscreen?” Next thing we’re in the emergency lane, he has the step ladder out and he’s climbing up to put new gaffer tape on the windscreen, while cars whiz past … Continue reading Tape ? What tape?

Did You Know?

That Western Australia produces and exports both diamonds and talc. That is both the hardest and the softest minerals on earth. BASF extract beta carotene from the pink lake near Port Gregory in WA. It is the world’s largest beta carotene production plant. That Broome has the only RSL Club in Australia that doesn’t have walls. Which is not as silly as it sounds as it is a high roofed pavilion like those that you see in tropical resorts. Derby is close to the halfway point between Sydney and Kuala Lumpur. Which is ironic as Geraldton to Derby was our … Continue reading Did You Know?

Shearers and roses

We’re in Rochester in central Victoria when Woody calls me into the bank to look at the high ceiling which is decorated with delicate ceiling roses and as we leave I meet a retired shearer who tells me that the bank will be moving from this building in April. What a shame. The shearer goes on to explain of how he teaches school kids how blade shearing was done in the old days, but he reckons that the ‘animal libbers’ are onto his every move. The song line “it’s tar here Jack” from Click Go the Shears comes to mind. … Continue reading Shearers and roses