Ice Cream Anyone?

A quick walk around town to get the blood pumping after being in the car all day and suddenly we feel exhausted. Thankfully there’s soup thawing in the fridge and ice cream in the freezer. We can barely keep our eyes open to watch My Kitchen Rules so I grab the ice cream out of the freezer…bugger it’s not ice cream at all, the container is a block of ice. Woody has been making big ice blocks for the Techni Ice fridge again! This is not the first time… Continue reading Ice Cream Anyone?

It’s Not All a Bed of Roses

Outside it’s 8 degrees and the fan heater is working overtime. The rain has not stopped since we arrived in Euroa. It’s barely stopped all day. We can’t hear the TV for the noise of the rain. The van has started leaking again and as much as it would be nice to be home the weather is much much worse there. The park ducks have pooped all over our step and it’s hard not to tramp it inside. Damn it all it’s time to throw the second doona on the bed and hope that the creek doesn’t flood. 1:00am the … Continue reading It’s Not All a Bed of Roses

Trotting along and dragging a leg

The Morisset Showgrounds just north of Sydney make for an easy and economical stop on the Central Coast. Loads of grass and spotless amenities and you can back up to the trotting track if you wish. Managed by cheery Jason and Kylie who are both experienced caravaners and understand the needs of their guests. Jason lights a campfire in the evening for a yarn and there’s always the big shed for shelter from the rain. On a bright clear Sydney morning we chat with a 65 year old ‘on Panadol nowadays’ horse trainer and the trotter that he is training, … Continue reading Trotting along and dragging a leg

Don’t step in the fruit bowl!

To live comfortably in a caravan everything must have a place but many things have two places. The wash basket lives in the shower except of course when we are showering then it moves in front of the fridge, it travels in the bathroom. The fruit bowl travels on the floor between the settee seats but lives on the bathroom floor when we are camped to give us more bench space. My ukulele goes under the bed when the chairs are outside but travels on the floor beside the bed. Is that confusing? Well try taking a shower! Continue reading Don’t step in the fruit bowl!

Caravan Manufacturers Take Note

While waiting for a prescription to be filled at a chemist I suddenly realised that I was snuggling into the customer couch just a little too much. The bane of caravanners is trying to find a decent supportive seat. Camp chairs have come a long way over the years but because they need to be light and portable there is only so much that they can offer in the way of comfort and support. Interior seating has gone through many fads; cafe, club lounge etc. in most cases it is a glorified padded couch on top of a storage cupboard. … Continue reading Caravan Manufacturers Take Note