Wonder Woman

The Tarwin Lower pub in Victoria overlooks the muddy reed banks of the Tarwin River. Between the bar and the lounge there is a fabulous triple fireplace. The three brick chimneys entwine and twist toward the ceiling. Two old codgers sit silently at the bar. On the dot of noon a breezy young barmaid flies through the front door and they both burst into animated conversation. It’s amazing what a woman can do. Advertisements Continue reading Wonder Woman

Techni Ice First Aid

We’re having a few reds to toast the sunset when there’s a loud bang. A woman comes running for help and we find that her husband’s hand has been jammed when the jockey wheel of their camper trailer has swung sideways. A fit young man appears from nowhere and lifts the whole trailer, oh to be young and fit again. Woody dashes to the Techni Ice fridge in the back of the Jeep and grabs a chunk of ice to encase the man’s hand. Then we despatch him to Kempsey hospital. Next day he tells us that the hand only … Continue reading Techni Ice First Aid