The pub?

In historic Burra, SA our caravans back onto the Burra creek in the little caravan park. Ducks wander the park and swim noisily about in the creek below. A small bridge leads to the heart of this charming heritage town with its vine clad verandas and flagstone footpaths.  Perhaps we’re biased as Woody’s ancestors settled here back in the 1850’s but we can almost sense their presence, it is a town that is easy to be captivated by. The Caravan Park manager is a bit of a character and he tells us where to park our vans and asks us … Continue reading The pub?


Knowing what foodstuffs can be taken across state borders can be extremely confusing. To protect the aquaculture industry in Tasmania one must avoid importing certain uncooked fish as well as fruit and vegetables. And don’t be surprised to see sniffer dogs at entry points ensuring that you’ve done the right thing. We have found the South Australian border control to be friendly and helpful and officers are happy to give out brochures on what items can and can’t be imported. I’m sure that most caravanners have a story like ours about Western Australian quarantine checks which can be can be … Continue reading Quarantine

Just another Monday morning

I race into town, buy a bra then pop into the Echuca Medical Centre, watch a documentary on the Danish royal family and have some stitches removed from my arm by a gentle Indian doctor. Then I realise that I haven’t combed my hair this morning. Bugger, gee this life is relaxing. Back at camp we say our farewells (shit! Have I combed my hair yet?) and hit the road for South Australia. Continue reading Just another Monday morning

Route Planning

For those new to retirement and caravanning trip planning the where to go and when to go must be baffling. It’s hard enough to come to terms with the fact that you now have all the time in the world. At least until a debilitating illness takes hold of you! Let alone trying to understand why southern caravanners are more interested in northern weather patterns and cyclones on the TV weather report than how tomorrow’s weather will affect their golf game. To put it simply, there’s an exodus north in the southern winter not only to ease the aches and … Continue reading Route Planning

It’s the Unpredictability

What do I like most about caravanning? The unpredictability. When I head up my diary page for the day I never write down the destination until we have arrived. We may set out in the morning with plans to drive to a particular place only to discover that it isn’t up to expectations. The descriptions in the brochure may have been exaggerated, they often are. It may be crowded or unlevel or just not have the right vibe. In pressing on we may discover an out of the way place, a gem that we didn’t know existed and sometimes when … Continue reading It’s the Unpredictability