It’s the Unpredictability

What do I like most about caravanning? The unpredictability. When I head up my diary page for the day I never write down the destination until we have arrived. We may set out in the morning with plans to drive to a particular place only to discover that it isn’t up to expectations. The descriptions in the brochure may have been exaggerated, they often are. It may be crowded or unlevel or just not have the right vibe. In pressing on we may discover an out of the way place, a gem that we didn’t know existed and sometimes when that happens we may find ourselves staying longer rather than just overnight.

Places like this Ingenia Caravan Park in South West Rocks, NSW. We stumbled upon it and stayed nearly a week enjoying the solitude.


11 thoughts on “It’s the Unpredictability

  1. Can relate to that – has happened so often to us. Park at Forrest Beach, out of Ingham – went for a few days and stayed weeks. Ditto Honeymoon Beach out of Kalumburu – to name a couple, over the years. Adels Grove was another – a few days turned into about 9 months, on and off – but that included work.


    1. And vice versa. We were headed for Adels Grove and hubby said “i’m not taking the car down that road!” Of course since then everyone he meets asks him if he’s been there. Gives me a giggle that’s for sure.


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