Knowing what foodstuffs can be taken across state borders can be extremely confusing. To protect the aquaculture industry in Tasmania one must avoid importing certain uncooked fish as well as fruit and vegetables. And don’t be surprised to see sniffer dogs at entry points ensuring that you’ve done the right thing.

We have found the South Australian border control to be friendly and helpful and officers are happy to give out brochures on what items can and can’t be imported.

I’m sure that most caravanners have a story like ours about Western Australian quarantine checks which can be can be somewhat stringent.

We recently crossed the SA border at Pinnaroo. Thankfully the quarantine inspectors were cheerful and understanding when we told them that we threw out the veggies in the fridge but completely forgot to empty the fruit bowl. They confiscated our fruit with a laugh.

Just remember, if you’re crossing into Tas, SA or WA eat your fruit and veggies first!


10 thoughts on “Quarantine

  1. I can understand the logic but vegetable police are nevertheless a rather amusing concept.

    We experienced a similar thing in America. Crossing State borders, very straight-faced representatives of US Fish and Wildlife spreadeagled us up against a wall and demanded that we “Remove that apple from your pocket. Very slowly. By the stalk.”

    Actually, they didn’t, but that was the picture that it painted in our minds. Even now, we call a halt on things by raising our right hands to show an imaginary ID and stating “US Fish and Wildlife.”


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