Beachcombing at Robe

March 2018 Woody leaves me to wander the beach while he fills up with fuel. The bottom step of the beach staircase has been washed away and I have no end of trouble trying to haul myself up to the first step. It’s a bugger this getting old caper. I watch four blokes fishing at the outfall bridge. They’re catching the incoming tide. Thousands of fish of all sizes from minnows upwards are swimming in yet all that these guys can catch is sea lettuce. Does it matter? No, each ‘bite’ is rewarded with shouts of jubilation. Continue reading Beachcombing at Robe

Goin’ to the Garradunga

Her doors are all open to the warm breeze in true Queensland fashion. There’s a pair of crossed cane knives etched into her doorstep. She’s been around a while and she’s seen the cane grow higher than high, year after year. This is sugar country and she’s a sugar pub. And inside it’s as dark as molasses. The publican’s missus moves easily behind the bar pulling beers and quickly shoving the glasses into stubby holders to keep them cold. She’s cooking chips for a road worker, “the bridge is out you know”. And lunch for an old geezer at the … Continue reading Goin’ to the Garradunga

The Coorong

The drive through the Coorong is fascinating. For 140Kms there are salt pans on one side of us and the bird filled waters of the Coorong waterway on the other, a backdrop of dunes holds the sea at bay in the distance. Ti Tree lines the road and Norfolk pines shelter small settlements. Fishing shacks are almost hidden by scrub. I can’t believe that I once thought this drive was boring with nothing to see. Now I wish that we had a camper trailer so that we could explore the narrow limestone tracks that head towards the sea. Continue reading The Coorong