Griffith Boat Club

May 2018

We hadn’t intended to visit Griffith, NSW, but a problem with our fridge forced us to seek out a technician. And thus fridge repaired we find ourselves checking into the Griffith Boat Club on a fine autumn afternoon. It is situated a few kilometres out of town on Lake Wyangan and what a find. $20 for one night or three, take your pick. If only we had more time up our sleeves. The sloping grassed sites have views of the lake and we have power and non potable water. Flocks of water hens swim back and forth. The trees are changing colour and Claret Ash live up t their name. There are lorikeets, butcher birds and pelicans. There is a lovely warm breeze, time to open up the van and get rid of the curry and Chinese cooking aromas. Yes, we cook in our van and often pungently. We enjoy a balmy afternoon in the sun.

Griffith Boat Club camp ground
Autumn glory
Busy water hens

Next morning we wake to a cold foggy morning with misty reflections on the lake. The bids are black dots in the mist and the sun rises in a fuzzy double glow across the water. There’s no need to hurry as its far too foggy for an enjoyable drive. We wait until the fog burns off. My boots get wet from dancing about the lawn dodging roo poo while taking photos and we keep tripping the power box with our espresso machine. Whoops.

Foggy Lake Wyangan

5 thoughts on “Griffith Boat Club

  1. Nothing wrong with a bit of curry or Chinese odour lingering around. Love the sound of a foggy damp morning though, sometimes those types of days can be lovely.


  2. I want to thank you all again for sharing your travels with the world. If I was to be eating Curry you would want me in a tent, possibly on the other side of the campground. Stay Well see everything.


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