A load of old stuff

Winter 2014 The Herberton (Qld) Historic Village has an exhausting and extensive collection of paraphernalia from the Atherton Tableland’s early days. The most fascinating is the fact that most of the buildings in the village are original and have been trucked in from all over the district. It was effort enough towing the caravan through those hills let alone a shop or a school. As we leave the museum some poor woman almost chokes as Woody says “don’t they ever have anything new in these places?” Well I knew what he meant. Continue reading A load of old stuff

Shredding our electricals

Autumn 2017 In the Murray Valley we head out of town to a camp at Tallangatta Creek which happens to be closed, on our return to town we are tooted by a passing car and realise that our caravan lights aren’t working and the plug is hanging on the road shredded. The local servo tells us that a plug should be in tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. The auto electrician in Corryong is a wizard and does a great job of replacing the plug and giving us tourism tips. He suggests that we use Corryong as a base and drive up … Continue reading Shredding our electricals

Caravanning stuff – the things you may not think of

Keep a checklist of what has to be done when you set off each day, learn the routine by heart and check each other’s jobs, just like on a plane “Doors armed and cross checked”. It may seem pedantic but the last thing that you need is the caravan bouncing off the hitch when you’re cruising down the highway or the awning breaking because it wasn’t properly secured. If you don’t have a self tuning aerial use the AntennaMate app to tune your TV to the local channels. Carry a chargeable drill for setting your legs, much quicker than doing … Continue reading Caravanning stuff – the things you may not think of

Million Dollar Views

When we first tried RVing in a motorhome in New Zealand we remarked “How good is this? Parking each night beside beaches, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. It will never be this good in Australia.” How wrong we were. Now we wake to sunrises over the Pacific Ocean, toast sunsets over the Indian Ocean, fall asleep to the roar of mighty waterfalls and wade in icy mountain streams. How good is this? Magnificent! Continue reading Million Dollar Views