Kyneton in autumn

Apr 2019, Kyneton, Vic A chill in the air that’s enough to make you gasp. Bluestone gutters littered with autumn leaves, old brick pubs, slate footpaths, stone buildings repurposed to become trendy stores, Bed and Breafasts tucked behind hedges and … Continue reading Kyneton in autumn

Is this the end of campfires?

May 2019, Bridgewater on Loddon, Vic We recently attended a caravan club muster at Bridgewater on Loddon in Central Victoria and who should we run into but mates from northern Queensland who are heading towards South Australia. Sorry map readers, but we caravanners don’t always take the most direct route, anywhere. The late autumn nights here in Victoria have been very chilly and our mates have certainly been feeling it, so much so that they solved the problem. They raced out and bought electric throw rugs. Now they can sit outside under the awning (to avoid the dew) chatting until … Continue reading Is this the end of campfires?

Battery Blues?

Jan 2019 We’re getting ready to go away and Woody checks the caravan batteries only to discover that they aren’t charging from the 240volt power lead. He plugs in the portable solar panels and poof, they go up in a puff of smoke. The mobile caravan repairman arrives and finds that the solar panels need a new regulator but it’s probably time that they were replaced anyway. The batteries? Well they are a much simpler problem, the plug wasn’t connected properly!   Continue reading Battery Blues?

Leaving for the Winter

Leaving for the Winter Ukulele chords (Apologies to ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’) (G7) Oh the (C) van is packed, we’re (F) ready to go We’re (C) standing here, out (F) side the door (C) Chatting to our neighbour (F) and sayin’ good (G7) bye Oh we’re (C) leaving, (F) going to Queensland (C) Don’t know when (F) we’ll be back (G7) again (C) Oh (F) gee, can’t wait to (G7) go   (G7) Oh the (C) dawn is breaking, it’s (F) early morn Woody’s (C) waiting, he’s (F) blowing the horn (C) Already we’re so pumped (F) that we could … Continue reading Leaving for the Winter

Hamilton Hume and William Hovell

Mar 2019, Albury, NSW Time and again we cross the path of great explorers. Europeans who set off into the unknown with little more than hope and dreams in search of arable land and inland seas. People who would have seemed small and under nourished by today’s standards, yet filled with tenacity and courage. We’ve crossed Burke and Wills ill-fated route in many places on our travels. They crossed the continent from south to north only to perish part way home. Sturt, McDowell Stuart, Leichhardt, Mitchell and Hume and Hovell among others. In Albury while walking in the park we … Continue reading Hamilton Hume and William Hovell